• Rethinking how institutions address mental health.

In Schools

Schools and universities are stressful environments. From grades and exams to navigating a healthy social life, these type of stressors catalyze symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mental illness. America Out Loud helps schools and universities address their most pressing mental health concerns such as medical leave policies, safe spaces, improving counseling services, and stigma among faculty and students.

In Workplaces

Workplaces can be intimidating for those suffering from mental illness, anxiety, or depression. Exposing oneself could create serious consequences, such as losing respect from one’s coworkers, being assigned less responsibility on projects, not getting the job one applied for, or even being terminated. America Out Loud strives to reduce stigma and increase awareness about the reality of mental illness in workplaces.

In Religious Spaces

Many religious communities foster a culture of silence when it comes to mental illness and depression. From difficult topics like abortion to divorce to death, some religious communities do not address the depression that follows these events. America Out Loud aims to help churches, mosques, and temples develop policies that encourage conversation and support for those struggling with mental illness and depression in their community.