Donate to Out Loud

If you or a loved one is affected by mental health stigma or poor mental health policies in your community– then please consider donating to America Out Loud at any level that you are able. From $1 to $1000, your gifts get us closer to important policy changes such as: expanding counseling centers in schools, providing mental health benefits in workplaces, and establishing free mental health support groups in churches, neighborhoods, and community centers.

We've raised

Your donations today help us with our start-up costs!

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    Articles of Incorporation Fees

    Filing fees for the State of Georgia were over $200

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    Tax-Exempt Status Fee

    The filing for for federal tax-exemption is $850

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    Website Costs

    Building an accessible website has cost around $100.

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    Professional Help

    There are some things in which we have to ask for professional help: financial advice, photography, legal advice, logo design, etc.